Acoustic glass


   • Fight annoying noises

  • Increase calm and comfort in the home

  • Reduces insomnia problems

  • Facilitates concentration in the study

The acoustic glass is a glass composed on the outside by a laminated glass of two sheets joined together by a layer of plastic (PVB) designed to reinforce the acoustic insulation, an air chamber, and a second inner glass, which can be a simple glass (transparent or acid-tinted to preserve privacy) or a laminated glass with a function of thermal insulation, solar control, low emissivity or security.

The decibels (dB) measure the intensity of the noise. The listening level is set at 0 dB, below which the human ear does not perceive the sound. The threshold of physical pain to the ear is around 140 dB. A plane when taking off generates 130 dB. A quiet environment does not mean that the sound level is 0 dB. A comfortable stay should not exceed 40 dB during the day and 35 dB during the night. At 50 dB, concentration difficulties appear. In a quiet forest we will find 20 dB, in a 35 dB library, in a 60-70 dB office. The noise coming from a road with traffic is 75-80 dB. A simple crystal attenuates the noise 20 dB. This glass is not an effective barrier against noise pollution. A double glass can achieve an attenuation of 30-32 dB. The price-performance ratio of this double glazing is exceptional.

We think that for the human ear each additional 10 dB of acoustic attenuation means subjectively reducing the perception of noise by 50%. With a normal double acoustic glass, an acoustic attenuation of 36-40 dB is achieved, obtaining a high quality acoustic insulation. With an acoustic double high glass, an acoustic attenuation of 42-45 dB is achieved, that is, it reduces the subjective perception of noise by 50% compared to a double glass. This type of glass is recommended for places with high acoustic load. To achieve good acoustic insulation, good acoustic glass is not enough: a professional assembly is also essential.


Practiced to a balcony equipped with acoustic glass in the Eixample district of Barcelona

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