Aluminion pergola

Aluminion pergola



The ARLEQUIN pergola reinvents the concept of covered terrace with its coloured sliding panels, setting the tone for customizing outdoor spaces.

Sliding panels can be moved with a rod, allowing you to decide where you want your sunlight or shade, less here, more there… Panels can be gathered together so that only the area of one panel remains covered, thus allowing maximum light. But when the panels are completely spread, the ARLEQUIN offers protection from the sun or rain like a roof. And you can choose the colour of each individual panel before the pergola is installed, which gives you endless decorative combinations.


A smart custom-made terrace covering that protects your terrace from constantly changing weather conditions.

The BIOCLIMATIC pergola offers innovative solutions to optimize and expand your outdoors living space – whatever the weather.

The BIOCLIMATIC adjustable-blade pergola is a patented pergola, terrace and porch covering that combines form and function. Its aluminium louvers turn very simply, manually or with a remote control so that you can adjust them to any position or close them shut. Our BIOCLIMATIC pergola offers protection and optimizes your living space by allowing you to adjust to the sun, to create refreshing ventilation when it’s hot or to shelter from extreme elements (rain, snow and wind).


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