Mixed carpentry


Advantages of mixed windows


The mixes can be the ideal option to change those wooden windows that no longer fit well and that let escape the heat of the heating in winter and the coolness of the air conditioning in summer. In this context, one of the best alternatives to achieve good acoustic and thermal insulation are the mixed windows that we can place in Finestres BCN.

They are called mixed windows because they combine two different materials: aluminum and wood. What is achieved with this union is to take advantage of the benefits of each one of the materials. Habitually, the exterior is made of aluminum and the interior of wood. This looks for very high levels of both acoustic and thermal insulation. On the other hand, thanks to the exterior aluminum, the window will be very resistant and therefore its useful life is much longer. This material also stands out for its ease of cleaning. You only need a damp cloth and neutral soap to leave the perfect windows. In addition, the aluminum is stainless and perfectly holds different temperatures and climatological conditions.

Durability and optimal resistance as signs of identity

As you can see, aluminum gives optimal durability and strength. With these materials, a wide range of models and finishes can be made light. You can also customize the type of opening.

In summary, when using the wood for the interior and the aluminum for the outside one avoids having to carry out the outer maintenance of the wood, that is not put under the adversities of the climate. As wood just goes inside, you can choose between several types depending on the budget or the benefits we want to enjoy. In addition, the aluminum is also available in a wide collection of colors. We invite you to discover them.

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