Minimal expression, maximum performance

Glass railings for the conception and creation of light and modern environments.

With the merging of glass and steel, designers that allow the distribution and creation of spaces with the minimum structure, elements that offer functionality with the maximum integration.

Highly versatile systems in both indoor and outdoor use that respond to a wide range of possibilities due to the great adaptability of its components

Great, versatility.

Glass laminates, curved, tempered, reflective, selective layer glasses, with sunscreen, low and missive glass, U-glass, non-slip, antifoam, acoustic, decorative.

The great versatility of the glass, its wide range of effects, textures, looks, patterns, colors and applications make it an ideal material to transform any atmosphere and improve the performance of each space. Being loyal to our commitment to innovation, we put your latest tendencies in the field of glass, products like screen printing glass or led lighting glasses that open the door to a creativity of unlimited spaces.

Comfortable, efficient systems
and they bring wellness in your home.

Design and manufacture of solar protection systems both for professional and private purposes

Adjustable, safety-shutter blinds, Mallorcans, mosquito nets and screens.

All our solutions can be integrated with the most innovative systems in the field of automation and automation that improve the comfort and security in your home.

Sostres mòbils de vidre, façanes i plegables , verandes i cortines de vidre.

We have a wide range of solutions for enclosures of exterior and interior spaces

For lovers of design and contact with nature we have solutions where the living space mixes with the outer environment. Structures that intensify the natural environment and provide depth and perspective by building unique spaces.

Configurations and finishes tailored to the client.

Our series of aluminum tanks are the ideal complement for the protection and separation of residential spaces, chalets or single-family houses.

Manufactured with profiles of aluminum extrusion to offer the maximum lightness and resistance incorporate the latest systems in design and security such as the PROT system for the support of lamas in the pillar hiding all the screws or the FTS system for the possibility of chemical tacos .

Design and manufacture of fire doors, and armored doors.

Official distributors of prestigious manufacturers like Dierre or OIKOS that guarantee protection and resistance to risk situations.

High security doors are the result of technology systems and cutting-edge security devices that are exclusive to our manufacturers (opening systems with digital printing, remote security automation and special hardware). Following our principle of functionality and aesthetics, all of our doors can be confident to the customer in order to be in tune with the environment and reflect your lifestyle.

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