Beauty and firmness

Anything that is said is little. Beauty and firmness come together in the solid wood, constituting it as the noble factor of the surroundings of an immeasurable beauty, and a frankly irreplaceable authenticity.

Great versatility

It is the best company for these cases, for its forms, for its versatility to all kinds of ideas.

Crowd of styles

There is no taste, be it classic, modern or avant-garde, that does not marry in an exceptional way with wood.

Noble woods with range of colors

At CARMAVE, we become aware of this and use noble, exotic woods, varnished in the full range of colors. It is a wide range for windows, door-windows, or entrance doors.

Insulation, solidity without maintenance.

There is no doubt, always the best assembly quality, insulation, solidity and no maintenance.

Harmony and comfort

In a word, harmony. And added to a visual comfort, that unites the elegance to the natural beauty, contributing to obtain the best inner and outer sign of well-being.

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